Plainview wristbands, Photos, and Ice Cream Social

Posted by Plainview Swim and Dive Team on Jun 14 2022 at 08:40PM PDT


In order for families to easily get into Plainview for practices each swimmer and diver has been given a wristband. The swimmers and divers are supposed to show the wristband as they walk into Plainview. We recommend attaching the band to the swimmer or divers swim bag. We do not want or need the kids to wear them during practice. If you have not received your swimmer or diver’s wristband please check your mailboxes during practice times. If you lose your wristband you can have it replaced for $1.00 at the entrance area where people pay to come in to Plainview.

Don’t forget tomorrow evening is picture night. Individual photos will start at 6pm and the swim team photo will be at 6:30 @ the adult pool. The dive team photo will be after the swim photo down at the dive well. If you have a swimmer and a diver please make sure they take both team photos.

Lastly, after each age group practice your kids can walk up to the front of the Tway house and enjoy the ice cream buffet.

The document Copy_of_Ice_Cream_Social_Flyer.pdf was attached to this post.