Final week of dive, Tuesday meet against DH, and Sunday dive Championships @ Plainview.

Posted by Plainview Swim and Dive Team on Jul 04 2021 at 07:45PM PDT

Wahoo divers and families, this is the last official week for dive, but it’s going to be a big one.
Tuesday will be our last dual meet. We will be diving against Douglass Hills AT Plainview. Warm ups start at 5:00pm for 6,8, and 10s. Meet starts at 5:30 pm. Each age group will be doing all the dives for their age group (not the abbreviated schedule we had for our Tri meets). Older age groups to follow.
Sunday July 11th is the LSA dive Championships. The 6 and 8s will warm up at 12:30. The meet will start at 1:00pm sharp!
This is an approximate timeline:
12:30-1:00 6 and 8s warm up
1:00-1:50 6 and 8s dive
1:50-2:30 10 and 12s warm up and awards for 6 and 8s
2:30-3:30 10s dive
3:30-4:40 12s dive
4:40-5:10 14s warm up and awards for 10 and 12s
5:10-6:30 14s dive
6:30-7:15 18s warm up and awards for 14s
7:15 18s dive
We will keep Facebook updated throughout the day. Updating times and results. The meet WILL keep moving. If we are running ahead of this schedule we WILL keep moving. These times are NOT an exact timeline so be prepared to come early or stay late. It is a fun day to hang out all day and watch some great diving. If you are not a member of the pool but want to swim during the meet you will have to buy a guest pass for the day. $10 for adults and $8 for kids 3-17. There is NO FEE to come watch the meet. This is only if anyone wants to swim between sessions.

Awards for dive champs:
1-5th place get medals
6th place and up will receive ribbons
Help needed!
11:00 am on Sunday I need help setting up. The big tents need to go up so I need helpers!! We will also need people after the meet to take down tents, and help clean up. Please email me if you can help.
Please let me or one of the coaches know if you are not planning on going to either meet, especially champs.


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